More and more healthcare facilities are dependent upon their patient satisfaction scores for reimbursement of services provided. Families & patients want to easily be able to distinguish the nursing staff from the ancillary staff without the fear of walking up to the wrong person for assistance

The easiest way to achieve this is by designating each department with a specific color of medical uniforms. Grace Health Scrubs provides solutions to healthcare companies who need to increase their patient satisfaction scores, increase staff retention, and boost staff morale.

After we complete a uniform audit and needs assessment, we will be able to make recommendations based on the facilities preferences of uniform style and color.


So How does the process work? 

Step 1: Call Grace Health Scrubs at 513-372-1188 to schedule your company uniform audit or consultation.

Step 2: During this first appointment, we will sit down with the person in charge to determine if a Department Makeover is what is recommended for your facility. If it is we will then secure the style, quantity, & color of your new uniforms in writing. If your facility offers payroll deduction, please let us know this when you call. Next, we will schedule a 2nd visit for the staff to try on the styles, get accurate measurements, etc. 

Step 3: The 2nd visit we will bring samples of the chosen uniform for staff to try on, also a light snack will be provided, and finally a payment method will need to be secured in order to place the bulk order. 

Step 4: Once the order has been placed, it will approximately take 10-14 business days for delivery to your facility (this time does not include embroidery add-on's).


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