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Tina Payne has gone from teen mom to CEO Mom. She believes that no matter your circumstances if you work hard enough you can achieve success. Tina entered the world of nursing scrubs after working her way up from a Nursing Assistant to a Master's Prepared Nurse. 

Tina has been an entrepreneur for the past four years. Her other business ventures include being the founder of Grace Health Career Center LLC, an organization that offered healthcare training and certification courses, and managing her digital coaching business Goals of a CEO Mom, which provides encouragement, support, and advice to other moms and nurses who are desire to start their own business, manage their family, and finances.


After 18 years of combined healthcare experience, 15 of those being a Registered Nurse, Tina believes she is uniquely qualified to sell nursing scrubs because not only is she the owner but she is also the customer.


One weekend after Tina decided to order new nursing scrubs, she realized how much more confident and empowered she felt going to work in the hospital setting. She believed that if she felt this way, then most people probably felt better when they wore new and fashionable scrubs as well. The saying, " when you look better, you feel better" holds very true even in nursing fashion. After surveying a few colleagues and doing some research, Grace Health Scrubs was created.


Tina not only strives to solve the problem for individual customers looking for new scrubs but also provides Healthcare Consulting and Uniform Audits to organizations such as medical offices, nursing homes, nursing schools, and hospitals. Grace Health Scrubs understands the impact of quality uniforms on patient satisfaction scores, staff retention, and staff morale. Staff who have new uniforms often feel more empowered and motivated in their jobs.  


Tina is continuously motivated by her family and inspired by those in her profession to deliver only the best in products and services.Grace Health Scrubs is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and upholds the standards necessary to continue a customer-focused reputation. 

"Exceeding the customer's expectations is the greatest feeling"

- Tina Payne, MSN, RN


BBB accredited business